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With Paradise Pools Australia, your project is in safe hands. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and a fibreglass pool installation that is unrivaled in the Greater Brisbane Area.  Paradise Pools Australia are fully qualified and highly skilled fibreglass pool installers. We pride ourselves on being one of the best pool builders in Brisbane. We will work with you to design and create your dream pool at an affordable price.

Quality Pools and Equipment

Paradise Pools Australia is proud to be Barrier Reef Pools Brisbane North and Moreton Bay Dealer. We use the Barrier Reef Pool Shells for our installations due to the quality of the fibreglass and resin that goes into them and the state of the art factory that they are made in. They follow the ISO9001 process for quality control and the lifetime warranty they offer shows that they stand behind their product.  We also pick the best filtration pumps, filters and mineral pool systems for your project and ensure the installation process exceeds Australian Standards.

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Fibreglass Pool Warranty

Our fibreglass pools are manufactured with quality materials and a strict quality control process. We follow an engineered swimming pool installation process to guarantee your new pool stands the test of time. We are so confident in our product that all of our Brisbane fibreglass pool installs are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s structural and interior warranty. Our pools exceed the Australian Standard 1838 for design and fabrication and we don’t use any cheap re-branded pumps or cleaners, just good quality gear from brands you know

Tight Access Specialists

No room to move? No problem! We have a range of equipment designed to handle tight spaces. Whether it takes cranes and excavators or wheelbarrows and a shovel, we will find a way to build the swimming pool you’re after. Contact the best pool builders in Brisbane today!

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Pool Finance Available

Looking for interest free pools in Brisbane? We have some exceptional rates that come as close as you will find. Paradise Pools Brisbane has teamed up with Handy Pay to get your swimming pool built before the hot months hit. They are licensed brokers and have a huge range of finance options. We can also provide a quote to take to your bank where they can even work it into your home loan if you want! It’s completely up to you.

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