Water Features

From water blades to fountain sprays, we can help you with any features you’d like to add to your pool.


Pool Lighting

We have a range of pool lighting from simple single colour lights to remote controlled multi coloured LEDs.

Pool Heating

Add a heat pump to warm your pool in winter or plumb the pool to add it in later.

Swim Jets

Want to get something more than relaxation out of your pool? Add a high powered current to swim against with one of our swim jet systems.

Spa Jets

Turn your pool into a spa by adding massaging spa jets in to the seated area.

Water Blades

Water blades come with or without lighting and in a variety of lengths. They can be built in to existing walls, or made into a water feature that covers your pool filtration equipment.

Fountain Sprays

Laminar jets come with built in LED lighting and can shoot a single spray up to 2.4m into the air. They can be powered by the filter pump and even controlled remotely.

Custom Features

Seen something you like online or at a friends place? Have an idea you would like to explore? Ask us about it. If it can be done, we’ll make it happen!

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