Colour Range

Royal Ocean Shimmer

The vibrant Ocean Blue pool finish is a popular choice featuring a range of cool and warm tones that captures every vivid shade of the ocean. It offers a sense of timelessness and tranquillity, inviting swimmers to dive into the water just as the sea itself does.

Pacific Shimmer

The captivating shades of our Pacific Blue pool finish pay homage to the pristine waters of the Pacific. The colour scheme is enticing and rejuvenating. And it reflects the lighter blue tones of the Pacific Ocean, giving your pool water a luminous appearance. Dive in and immerse yourself in its beauty.

Indigo Shimmer

Our Indigo pool finish is vibrant and inviting, celebrating a summery vibe all year round. It’s reminiscent of holidays, Mediterranean seascapes, and relaxation. The crisp blue water will make you want to dive straight in and enjoy your swimming experience.

Hampton Grey Shimmer

The Hampton Grey shimmer creates a neutral and balanced shade that exudes class, inspired by the unity of natural elements like stone and sand with water. This colour presents subtle soft blue tones and exudes a sense of calm, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

Sky Blue Shimmer

Our Sky Blue pool finish echoes the brilliance of the sky, shimmering and radiating when illuminated by the sunlight. This fresh and cool pop of colour adds serenity to any backyard, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere perfect for a relaxing swim or lounging by the pool.

Silver Shimmer

Our Silver Shimmer pool finish creates a subtle blend of grey and white, offering fresh blue water hues perfect for a modern design aesthetic. This inviting new colour harmoniously enhances various exterior finishes, creating a stunning and cohesive look for your outdoor living space.

Royal Alpine White Shimmer

Our Alpine White pool finish features an ethereal look that resembles a pristine white beach with aquamarine notes. This trending colour complements both coastal luxury and industrial exterior concepts, creating a sense of peacefulness that offers a heavenly retreat for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Sandstone Shimmer

Our Sandstone Shimmer pool finish showcases soft golden tones that evoke the natural beauty of Australian beaches. The colour scheme transforms the pool water from transparent to mint and turquoise accents, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for lounging and relaxing.

Royal Jade Shimmer

Our Royal Jade pool colour features tranquil blues and jewel greens that can adapt to any surroundings, thanks to its various tones. It creates an alluring and serene atmosphere, like freshwater in a lush rainforest.

Midnight Shimmer

With bold blacks and lighter blue-green tones that change throughout the day and night, our Midnight pool shimmer offers a statement-making look for your outdoor living area. The colour adds warmth and depth to your pool, creating a stunning ambience that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

Advanced Pool Colour Technology Colour Range

The gelcoat colour sample effects provided are for illustration purposes only, and the actual finish of your pool may differ depending on various factors such as light levels, sunlight shadow, shade, and surface water movement. However, we can guarantee that the final result will be breathtaking, no matter which shimmer colour you choose. When you see the actual pool in action, you will be amazed by the stunning effects our gelcoat creates, and you can be confident that you made the right decision in selecting Barrier Reef Pools for your pool installation.

Gelcoat And Resin Technology

At Barrier Reef Pools, we get our Advanced Pool Colour Technology Gelcoat from a well-known global leader in Gelcoat and Resin technology. This company has supplied Gelcoat and Resin technology to the swimming pool industry for over two decades. Their products can also be found in other items such as cars, planes, boats, and even bridges.

We are proud to use this innovative Gelcoat and Resin technology in our world-class pools to provide exceptional performance for the pool’s interior surface. It ensures that our pools have a superior and long-lasting finish, which can withstand the elements and remain in excellent condition for many years. So when you choose Barrier Reef Pools, you can rest assured that you’re getting a pool made with high-quality materials that are trusted and proven to perform.

Advanced Pool Colour Technology Gelcoat

We utilise the most advanced and high-performing pigment technology available in the market for our pool finishes at Barrier Reef Pools. As a standard feature, we offer our Advanced Pool Colour Technology with all our pool packages, guaranteeing that all our customers receive the best possible pool finish available.

Advanced Pool Colour Technology Versus Standard Pool Finish

At Barrier Reef Pools, we’re committed to using the best pigment technology currently available for our pool finishes. Our Advanced Pool Colour Technology is included as standard with our pool packages to ensure that all our customers receive the highest quality pool finish possible.

  • The gelcoat we use is made by an ISO 9001-certified company.
  • Our gelcoat is specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions in Australia.
  • We use the best pigment technology currently available in our pool finishes.
  • Our pool finishes have superior UV weathering performance.
  • We offer pool finishes that have superb water resistance.
  • Our pool finishes have superior chemical resistance, including resistance to chlorine and acid found in swimming pools.
  • We provide pool finishes with the highest resistance to osmotic blistering.
  • Our pool finishes are tough, long-lasting, and durable, with excellent gloss retention.
  • We offer a lifetime interior surface guarantee with all our pool finishes.

Please Note: Advanced Pool Colour Technology Lifetime Guarantee is an optional extra.

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